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Annual Building Maintenance Contract & Services:

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the building maintenance?

Constructing a building might be one difficult part. It has its separate importance but constructing takes once only. Maintaining the building is considered to be the most difficult part. Another reason to put your belief behind this is that we have many tallest buildings in the world, what more important is to maintain the buildings. Numerous buildings in the world were constructed more than 1000 years ago but they are maintained to date because of their importance.

Maintaining the building is nothing less than a challenge. It is like maintaining the legacy, it is nothing less than displaying your living standard that you hold a cleaner and appropriate environment around you. Building maintenance is a responsibility that cannot be neglected, neither delayed because it can cause more damage. A pipe leak not fixed on time can cause more damage to the walls and ceiling. This is why keeping up with maintenance is important.

ServiceMax is a professional building maintenance services provider in the market with services to numerous corporate and residential customers. 

Our well trained and certified team will provide you with tailored solutions to your maintenance needs. Having been working with the commercial and industrial sector, our skillful team will provide you with the best building maintenance services in Dubai.

What to expect from a building maintenance company?

– Check the track record of the company that you are going to hire for your building maintenance. Some services like electricity or plumbing that handles the gas would require proper training and certification. Enquire about the license of the company for providing maintenance services.

– Enquire specifically about the service you need, most of the companies market themselves as building maintenance service but they may not have any of the specific services like Electricians, Plumbing, AC services, or Handyman services.

– Always ask for the specific solution to your problem, make sure you are not told any hidden cost that may increase your expense. Upfront charges would help you plan better for your maintenance services.

– Check for the testimonials of the company. ServiceMax will always provide you testimonials of our previous customers so you can ensure we are professionals with an excellent track record.

ServiceMax provides you with all the building maintenance services at your doorstep.

  • AC Repairing Services 

ServiceMax employs technicians and certified electricians that provide you with AC repairing services. We assist with AC repair, parts replacement, and AC cleaning services. We also extend this service to installing and removing an AC. Our AC services are the most ordered service due to the scorching weather in Dubai. We have a skills workforce that looks after your AC repairing and all of the concerned services for Air Conditioning.

  • Electrical Services

We provide electrical repairing services in Dubai. All of our electricians are trained and well equipped with professional skills that come handy with the job. ServiceMax will provide electrical services at your doorstep when it comes to repairing switchboards, changing wires, sockets, fans, or light bulbs. We also provide structural assessment and find out the root cause for any loose wires and wire burns.

  • Plumbing Services

Plumbing is one of the most common services in Dubai. It is important to identify the quality of service before ordering for the plumbing. ServiceMax has been providing plumbing services in the market for years. We have capable and qualified staff who can take care of your plumbing issues and provide 360-degree plumbing issues from identifying the pipe leak, fixing and replacing the sanitary parts as well as constructing washrooms for you. Our one in all plumbing services also includes fixing pipes for burners and ovens. We will also assist you in identifying and eliminating any gas leak you may encounter that is a hazard to your health as well as cause an increase in your bills.

  • Handyman Services

ServiceMax has the most reliable service of Handyman at your doorstep. We provide efficient handyman services that assist in all of your building maintenance tasks effectively. We will provide all the handyman services in Dubai that fit your need, be it kitchen refurbishment or assisting with the building and construction works. Our all in one trained handymen can help in your building maintenance needs with full devotion and dedication and that’s our professionalism.

Affordable rates House Maintenance Companies Services:

One of the most important factors that distinguish us from others is our affordable rates. We offer the best maintenance services at competitive rates while we use quality materials from brands. We are one of the best building maintenance services in Dubai as we offer the most affordable rates. Our skilled and certified team works closely with customers to make sure that their job is done perfectly from start to finish. We do not charge extra if we see any problem while walking through the place at the end of the project. We offer free touch-up and affordable services before signing off the work. ServiceMax will serve you with a wide range of maintenance services. We fulfill the unique needs of every job and enjoy our working process with every client.

Get in touch

ServiceMax is available 24/7 at your service. Though the office timings vary we can sign up for the projects at any given time as per your need. Our staff is available at the time of your need. Bookings are available any time, once we book an appointment for work to start Annual Maintenance Contract at your place we will fulfill our commitment and provide our services at your doorstep at the time agreed

ServiceMax understands and fully supports your personal and working life commitments and extends our availability as per your requirement. We have a team of professional and well-trained building maintenance services in Dubai staff that can cater to your maintenance needs and provide the best of the service that will make you choose us all over again.

Let’s get your building maintained.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually reassess our clients’ and customers’ needs, and to offer truly comprehensive solutions which exceed their expectations in all ways. We aim to continually develop our network of national and international partnerships, creating ever more value for stakeholders and local communities alike.

Our Vision

Service Max aspires to be the leading integrated solutions provider to UAE’s industrial and infrastructure sectors.

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Excellent Movers!

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Ahsan Ali


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