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Cleaning Services in Dubai:

Has cleaning been your hygienic issue that requires your effort and time?

ServiceMax provides all types of cleaning services at your doorstep. Cleaning is a permanent part of our lives and requires us to keep up with it at all times. Since the COVID19 outbreak, we are even more sensitive to the cleaning than ever before. ServiceMax Cleaning Services Dubai provides all of the cleaning services for your household and offices.

We have been the first choice for our clients for many years and still maintain the clientele in providing them with the top-notch cleaning services in Dubai.

Cleaning Services Dubai in the household requires a professional workforce that knows their job to be it disinfection, household cleaning, laundry, deep cleaning, or the sofa cleaning services. Cleaning Company Dubai provides all the services that fit your need to maintain a hygienic environment at your home or the office.

ServiceMax staff is trained and well equipped with practices that are followed in the industry. Our staff is aware of customer expectations and follows all the guidelines provided by the customers.

What to check before booking for cleaning Service Dubai:

– Check for the reputation of the company that you are going to work with. ServiceMax has been in the market for years and maintains its reputation with the clientele that we have on our recurring plans.

– Check for the customer services and response time before ordering the service. Our response is quick and prompt as per your need and we will provide proper guidance and awareness that fits best with your Deep cleaning house needs.

– Check the services provided in detail, ask for the quotes that involve service, type of service, equipment, and Deep cleaning materials used, transport provided by the company, and how long the service would take to complete.

– Check for the testimonials and the similar projects completed by the cleaning company Dubai. Ask the company itself to provide some details of their recent projects completed. ServiceMax believes in complete transparency and provides its customers with the best cleaning services in Dubai.

Services you will get From ServiceMax:

–         Residential Cleaning is the most ordered services at ServiceMax. Our clientele ranges from apartments, houses, villas, and bungalows. We provide a complete floor, walls, windows, and washroom cleaning for your property. Our maids are trained staff who is aware of using equipment and cleaning materials effectively.

–         Disinfection Services are one of the essential cleaning services we provide at ServiceMax. This helps you eliminate bacteria by 99% and ensure safety for yourself and kids who are most vulnerable to the virus spread.

– We also provide Sofa Cleaning Services as maintaining the furniture is your utmost priority to maintain a living standard. Our Sofa Cleaning services are dedicated and involve a process that makes your sofa furniture new and tidy.

–         Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services are one of the most ordered services that we provide to the professionals. Being a working person, one could not have enough time to allocate for cleaning clothes. We provide the best dry cleaning services on recurring plans to help you keep up with your laundry.

–         Carpet Cleaning Services is one of a kind that helps you maintain hygienic carpets and rugs in your property. We provide a systematic carpet cleaning service that washes, clean, and dry your carpet without any of the hassles at your end.

–         Deep Cleaning Services Dubai is one of the main services that we provide to the corporate and SMEs to help them maintain their cleaning standard. Equipment at the manufacturing sites requires deep cleaning the most to maintain its operational capacity. Servicemax provides its full deep cleaning service using all the disinfection chemicals that help you maintain the cleanliness of your property and equipment.

Benefits of Cleaning Services in Dubai with ServiceMax:

– Keeping a schedule of cleaning provides you with hygienic living that helps you maintain a clean living standard and health. It also helps you obtain our services on recurring packages that come cheaper in costs.

– Cleaning is still cheaper than hospital bills. This is an essential requirement of our lives that comes at a cheaper cost than maintaining hospital bills for bad health that occurs due to not maintaining cleaning at your premises.

– Regular cleaning helps maintain a clean environment. It also helps in bringing down the cleaning costs. If you had periodic deep cleaning conducted in the recent past. The next cleaning service Dubai would cost less in terms of resources and money.

– We provide complete guidance and awareness on how to maintain cleaning after taking our services. This helps you reduce the stress of cleaning and maintain it with little to no effort for the cleaning at your premises.

ServiceMax believes in a clean environment and has been contributing to maintaining clean living standards in the community. After providing our services to 1000s of our great customers. We have been successful in maintaining our clientele for re-taking our services and choosing us all over again for the commitment and quality of services we provide to our customers.

Book for the cleaning services from above and avail the best cleaning services in Dubai from a well-trained staff with a great understanding of their job and customer services. Home cleaning has never been easier before. ServiceMax now brings cleaning services at your doorstep with just a phone call or a few clicks online.

Discuss your cleaning with our team, take our services that suit you the best, and enjoy the cleanest environment around yourself. We provide complete assistance in your cleaning Services in Dubai, just to make things easier:

  • We have trusted cleaners employed at Service Max cleaning company in Dubai
  • Service Max have no hidden cost for the service, everything is decided upfront
  • Our customer services are the best without exaggeration
  • Booking takes effectively within seconds and the availability for cleaners made asap
  • We seek your feedback for service provided before closing the project to ensure satisfaction

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Our mission is to continually reassess our clients’ and customers’ needs, and to offer truly comprehensive solutions which exceed their expectations in all ways. We aim to continually develop our network of national and international partnerships, creating ever more value for stakeholders and local communities alike.

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Service Max aspires to be the leading integrated solutions provider to UAE’s industrial and infrastructure sectors.

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Excellent Movers!

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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